On February 23, 2020, anticipating lockdown’s measures, clubs in Milan, aware of the role they could have in the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, suspended their activity.

This decision became mandatory shortly after, but was immediately accepted and considered right and necessary. We still don’t know when and how clubs will open again, and soon is going to be a full year since people who live of music and of unusual proposals to build a world free and breaking from the norms stopped working.

United We Stream Milano is a collective effort to keep present and alive the proposal of scenarios and possible worlds that the club culture in Milan keeps creating, sharing them with tools different from the physical spaces of clubs.

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On 21 November evening United We Stream Milano will broadcast Queercheck, in collaboration with Linecheck and IED – Istituto Europeo di Design: to inaugurate our platform we didn’t organize a show schedule with each of the events aired from a different club, instead we brought together in one virtual place five parties which also are five different stories, that together are the story we intend to tell.
This is because these parties represent an overview, not exhaustive, but evocative, of how multifaceted the proposal the queer nightlife in Milan can be.
A multifaceted reality, but unified by a passion for inclusivity which enlivens the community and by the collective effort to create free and safe spaces for all.

Thanks to IED – istituto Europeo di Design and the commitment of its students, educators and collaborators, the event was imagined, organized and produced with a design vision. By extracting and working on the codes of queer culture and club culture in their Milanese expression, hybridizing them with the creative possibilities of the digital and reorganizing them with the mindset of the designer, the designers have produced a visual and conceptual frame to support the authorial proposal of each reality involved in the project.

As a global charity project “United We Stream” has a crucial commitment in saving and keeping club culture. Alongside with other cities, Milan is launching activities that will be fully committed to maintain the existence and functionality of local artists, locations and related employees. In order to prevent irreparable consequences, it is important to intervene in a timely manner and draw attention to areas that have been particularly affected.

Donations collected during “Queercheck” will go into the Music Innovation Hub COVID-19 Sosteniamo la Musica fund, promoted by FIMI.